rescued (by the arms of love) lyrics – glass tiger

i could never understand the meaning of our lives
just at the moment when we let it slip away
turning back the pages like a chapter
in a book filled with pain

shadowed by a darkened sky
my eyes just let you
p*ss me by forever, lost forever, all alone
taken where the lonely go to places

they can never call their own
you’re never home
i’m falling, falling, falling
but a light shines from above

i’m captured by the moment
rescued by the arms of love
darling, darling, darling
it’s you i’m dreaming of

take me where that light shines
i’ll be rescued by the arms of love
close your eyes, your mind will see
that life is still a mystery

a hidden game of cheating and pretend
leave your heart with shallow friends
they’ll turn around and hurt you in the end
it never mends

why do i keep holding on forever?
a thousand tears, i’m drowning in this river
i want this love, i need this love

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