resistor lyrics – beanbag

.09 resistor
i’m packed in a box i’m whacked in a case tell me why i don’t fit in
i’m told what to wear i’m sold what i hear ell me am i so unique?
i’m stronger than steel i’m larger than life tell me why i crumble a lot
i laugh as i cheat i’m told i am right but i don’t feel that’s it anymore
and all of this time
the media says it’s fine
the media is out of line
i read what i know i tell what i read tell me why i act a fool
i do what i see i act like i don tell me am i so original?
i’m given a look i see that it’s sad tell me why i’m depressed
i can’t wear this shoe it’s bigger than me and i’ll never fill it like you do

i can’t be this to them
you are what you’re called to be
just look up to him and he will tell it
i can’t be this no more

why can’t we see?

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