resolution lyrics – fifteen

say you saw another act on his hate and misunderstanding
and it makes you so angry, and itmakes
you so mad
so what kind of example are you gonna set
cuz violence breeds violence baby, and
forgiveness breeds forget
we were told violence was wrong and
handed a list of situations
in which it would be justified, to
our disposition of offering forgiveness
to those who don’t understand, there ain’t
no reason why
so what just a minute now, what happens
to your righteousness
the moment you justify you il
intentions towards another person
and it’s gone
say you got a problem and you want a
where you going to find it now, where you gonna get resolution
will you find it in angry words? no
will you find it in hateful minds? no
wll you find itin clenched fist? no
will you find it in the end of a gun? i think not
so take one word of advice
from mahamid ghandi, martin luther
king and jesus christ
you’ll find resolution in a loving heart
and in a loving mind
he needs love
she needs love
we needs love
you needs love

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