revolution lyrics – delta

you say you’re good
make no mistakes
you never fail
so very cool
under the looking
gl*ss we’re being watched

if you’re so bright
tell me what’s right
because you know
you are above
you disappear so fast
when i stand in front

wonder if you got the b*lls
to stand where i run the show
still laugh when i fall
mark my words, stop this war

i’m walking to the light
rocking all the crowd
living my dream more than ever
you staring with disdain
you say it’s all in vain
are you just too blind to see that
i, try to entertain
the best way that i can
living my dream more than ever
why you don’t understand?
i ease my daily pain
are you just too blind to see?
we are the revolution

why don’t you speak your mind?
yes you! spit it out!
are we too much for you?
yes, we are the fallen ones.

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