rhymes galore lyrics – busta rhymes

rhymes galore, rhymes galore
rhymes galore, rhymes galore, rhymes galore
rhymes galore, rhymes galore
this for the motherf*ckers out there on some real hip-hop sh*t

yo, yo yo, mayday mayday, mayday mayday
walk barefoot on n*gg*z like kunta kinte
(so, what you say?)
what is you doin’ you walkin’ this way?
i burn you like i’m smokin’ a chalice with el da sensei
i be designin’ fashion like mark buchanan, yes i keep it slammin’
sh*t just be bangin’ just like a loose cannon!
blaow! you better park, n*gg*z i spark
n*gg*z like sharp n*gg*z i stay up rippin’ sh*t apart
n*gg*z float over water like noah’s ark, n*gg*z cover yo’ face!
and don’t get caught up in the scene when it get dark n*gg*z
uhh, excuses me mrs.! sure to hit you with the fitness

give you n*gg*z the sickest, jumpin’ jehovah witness
beamin’ in on n*gg*z plottin’ and schemin’
and steady dreamin’ on how they gon’ do they double-teamin’
f*ck the bullsh*t, my n*gg* it be best you know ’bout it
before you get secret indicted, make me slap a n*gg* lopsided!
hold up, son listen it be so beautiful
when we catch you like a n*gg* sold us too much pharmaceuticals!
(come and get it quick)
when busta rhymes be up in the place
those who don’t like go get the d*ck i’ll give you a taste!
aiyyo you need to just focus on my earth tremblin’ rhymes
that got me fillin’ in by the million

f*cka yo’ opinion! dominatin’ like kings dominion
leanin’ on n*gg*z like we on motorcycles pop a wheelie an’
ay-aiyyo-yo, number one roman numeral
completing the executional sh*t is usual
i ain’t scared of ya! takin’ all of yo’ paraphenial
that’s my words on mrs. mahalia
i hope you know yo’ best bet, is to get the f*ck out of my area
before i rip you from out yo’ interior
and hope you know you got to keep a corny n*gg* smothered
grab the gat off the cupboard
you never know when sh*t is safe so keep yo’ face covered!
while i be scorchin’ it, a lot of n*gg*z be lookin for alternates

and still just lose they life that’s so unfortunate
trailblazin’ me, since my mother started raisin’ me
hit you with the powerful sh*t that sometimes amazes me
i create junkies just like “12 monkeys”
spreadin’ right throughout yo’ block
catchin’ suspects who thinkin’ they so lucky
loud and clear for those who cannot properly hear
frequency so loud shatter couple a pair in yo’ chandalier
now when i’m in the place, give me my sp*ce!
nothin’ left for me to do,
my n*gg*s blew up the place
what the f*ck

i got rhymes galore
rhymes galore, ya’ll i got rhymes galore, rhymes galore
my flip mode n*gg*s got rhymes galore, rhymes galore
busta rhymes got rhymes galore, rhymes galore
a yo yo i got rhymes galore, yo we got rhymes galore
rhymes galore, rhymes galore, rhymes galore, rhymes galore
me and my squad got rhymes galore

f*ck that

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