rhythm blunt crew lyrics – cru

* rapping to different beats: dre, odb, notorious big, craig mack & others.

[m]=mighty ha}

[mighty ha – intro]
muthaf*ckin snow out here man

sh*t, get this money man

yo, who these fools creepin up on here man?

*beat drops*
[c]yo who be “yog”?
[y]yo, who wanna know?
[c]i roll with cru kid
i be chadio
[y]what you root?
[c]rhythm blunt
[y]uh, so step up a
[c]i brought somebody with me
[y]yo son, what’s up?
[m]the sky, the sun, the moon, the stars
[y]ha, ha yo kid i be yo-gi
[m]aiyyo i be the mighty ha
peace yall
[y]peace yo lets take care of business
i got some more of this right here
but this is finished
*beat change*
[c]ooh, that’s that sh*t right there
[c]that have a n*gg* head feelin’ right
[c]that’s my word
[y]aight, whatever
on this sh*t right here
yo i got this from the borough
*beat change*
[y]have a n*gg* in another world
[y]high off the sleep and gettin head from your girl
[c]now that’s that sh*t
[y]that’s right kid you dig
[c]what other kind of b*tta, you got for a nig?
*beat change*
[y]ahhhh, it’s like that you can’t miss
have a n*gg* singin’ sh*t like most beautiful lis
[c]now i’m f*cked up, that’s a sin
[y]my brooklyn n*gg*s h*t me with this sh*t from shaolin
*beat change*
[c]now it’s that hyper sh*t yo, it make me move
[y]indeed thats a sale
[c]but i think i need, somthin smooth
*beat change*
[y]what’s up kid?
[c]yeah that’s the b*tta
you got somthin smootha?
[y]ok, here’s another
*beat change*
[c]now that’s smooth, make me wanna drive ’93
f*ck around and drive in-to a tree
[y]to this smooth sh*t?
[c]ain’t that ironic?
[y]check this sh*t from the west coast it’s called “chronic”
*beat change*
[c]ohh, that’s that west coast flavor?
[y]hit you with the rhythm blunt, contact
make a n*gg* wanna take in the atmosphere
[y]but check this sh*t right here

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