richest woman lyrics – count basic

if i had a dollar for everytime you lied
a penny for everytime i cried
a pillow to lay my head upon
strong arms to keep my body warm
no one to harm me

and if i counted times you told me you would call
promises you made, i took it all
i gave love, oh yes i took the fall
where were you when i needed you the most
i was a fool to think

i could be the richest woman in the world
the richest woman in the world
(be rich in love, be rich in life)

money, sure don’t make the man
live life the best way you can
respect me, and i will do the same
there’s so much we all have to gain
live your life this way

truth will always be the key
to happiness between you and me
the value of that should be enough
to last for all eternity
take heed to what i say

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