richter scale lyrics – epmd

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[erick sermon]
yeah, aww yeah, uhh”richter scale”
it goes lights, camera, action i’m on
one more time to kill em, my rap flow is fulfilling
i scream with the beastie boys — what time is it?
it’s two o’clock, you gettin knocked out the box
then kicked off the block, def squad hit squad
no we won’t stop, f*ck it call the cops (uh-huh)
i be the invincible, in the school of hard knocks
i’m the principle, fatman joe y’know

[parrish smith]
as you suffer the repercussions, comin through the blaze
bust the crime scene, cause some drama, n*gg*z duckin
when we come through, throwin the jab, in the one-two
layin mc’s out to trap, when we run through (like what?)
like the marathon, flooded with the diamonds on
get my rhymin on, pmd f*ckin shinin on
back to biz, new address with the fat crib
my sh*t in the wiz, poli’-in with the big wigs

chorus: erick sermon

off the meter, and everytime we reach the
tip-top and ya don’t stop, uhh!
in the field of rap, we pull rank no question
we top the”richter scale”
*repeat 2x*

[erick sermon]
bust the techniques, e.d. fantastic
unreal gangstarr sh*t, m*ss appeal
rap’s top dawg, i’m the one you call on
to get sic’-wid-it, e don’t forget it
i’m six, two and a half, heavyset, chocolate brown
h*ll of a jab, gift to gab
i’m the elite, keep it underground like street level
i rock a rolex watch, with a diamond bezel

[parrish smith]
rap terror terror, epmd, a new era
off the richter scale, blowin hotter than ever
with the squadron, beg your pardon, got the heads noddin
lost your mind and said, “sh*t!!” when we barged in
the front door door, rugged, keeps our sh*t raw raw
make hits for the fans, plus the world tour
believe that, peep that e and p’s back
wreckin heads daily, so chill and get the bozack


[erick sermon]
yo royal flush-in, all my cats be bustin
servin you customers and those fake hustlers
wh*ssup? step to me, i smack you silly
i’m the kid, but no comparison to billy
i ain’t scared of you motherf*ckers — can’t you tell?
girls lose to me when they groove to maxwell, uhh
i got one life to live so i’m livin
got girls to be hittin more cars to be drivin

[parrish smith]
we stripped too many beats to make too many n*gg*z to break
no moves are fake, no warnin shots fired blastin on crews like corrupt jakes
the black viper, scream on mc’s and rhyme cyphers
more dangerous mind than, mich*lle pfeiffer
so skedaddle-daddle, you get rattled don’t wanna battle-battle
put one to your rhyme saddle, stompin through, like wild cattle
we flow beef so dead that, let that sh*t cease
i’m quick with the hands, plus accurate with the two-piece


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