ride on lyrics – die apokalyptischen reiter

this song was written
to tell you how we really are
these lines will tell you
the things we figured out so far
love, sunshine, kerosene,
everything that could be smart
it´s a godd*mn reitermania song,
that tears you now apart.

ride on – be strong
life is sometimes like a bong
take the evil with a smile
live the moment for a while.

gabblers, dissemblers
you crawl and stink
don´t enter this ship
we swear it cannot sink.
keyboard, guitars and the b*ss
and a snare like gunfire
that punches in your face.

ride on …

we learned to lose, we learned to win
we f*ck things you labelled sin
we say h*llo and we say good-bye
we like to see you asking why!

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