right and wrong way lyrics – keith sweat

you may be young but you’re ready
-ready to learn
you’re not a litle girl, you’re a woman

-take my hand
let me tell you baby
i’m yours for the taking
so you can

-do as you please
don’t take my love for granted
you’re all i

-i’ll ever need
hold me, in your arms
and never let me go

there’s a right and a wrong way to love somebody
there’s a good and a bad way to love somebody
you do me good

don’t play no silly games with me baby
-oh no its just not my thing
all is need is for you to love me

-hold me tight baby with the joy you can bring
take me i’m yours
i’m willing
hold me in your arms hey baby

-don’t want to let you go
you, you’re all i need in this world
you got to know
you better know
you better know right now baby


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