right back lyrics – pack

[verse: stunna]
yea, if you blink i can make ya eyes roll back
sit on 4 flats, better get where you goin to
in the game so the chicks think im rich now
see me in my phone, yea b*tch i drink crystal
dont trip cause stunna got a pistol
hatas gettin mad an they seen that im p*ssed now
gimme 12 rats, we can switch trains like a frieght train, like a big plane
got bay game, im a hood n*gg*
yea you alright, but im good n*gg*
like to sit back, watchin *ss shake
like to beat it raw, then gimme face
no gimme taste no boogers sugar
b rock the place, yea i took the lookers
got a mini skirt look like a hooker
queen get a crew, yea now we took ya

bring it right back i know you heard dat
bring it right back lemme hurt dat
bring it right back i know you heard dat
bring it right back lemme hurt dat

yea yea (yea yea) yea [x3]

[verse: young l]
im on the grind yea f*ck you pay me
young l hoe, b*tch go crazy
you like to laugh huh? go chuckle
l smith game tall like a turn buckle
power bomb ya *ss, go figure
faced in the bas*m*nt big tigger
hoes bring em over here on the mattress
b-town on the map, check the atlas
raw at this, money on my mind
d*ck in her mouth, i tell her im gettin money n*gg*
you a funny n*gg* sip ski bummy n*gg*
you aint sh*t b*tch, im a big tummy n*gg*
candy bar sweet n*gg*s spit sugar
green in the mouth ice grill, boogers
pair of vans free, n*gg*s got prada
musical genius, yea we kinda smart yo


[verse: droop-e]
(yes ma’am) why they call me droop-e? n*body knows
cause when i pull it out it grows and it grows and it grows
hoes know im a pro when i hit it
im sick wit it, lutienent up in it
im fitted, fresh lookin grape
you n*gg*s hatin cause you fake like ya bapes
im great, hoes move they drinks when they hear my chains shake
me and b slim man, wit the wolf pack
hoe take ya pants off, show ya *ss crack
we showin no mercy, im touchin more hoes the a football jersey
im still gon feel an im still gone kill
im a droop e pill, im her drug of choice… thats why that b*tch high like chris tucker voice


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