ripped to pieces lyrics – thrash or die

something went wrong on the naval station
no rescue mission sent because of misscommunication
the first shark was spotted in about a half an hour
terrible high pitch screams as the jaws of death devour

don’t seem to be living black lifeless eyes
comes to life when they bite when the black rolls to
chomping on flesh with razor sharp teeth
no way to escape this eating machine

despite all the pounding and hollering the horror never
slaughtered underwater and ripped into pieces

by the end of the first day lost a hundred men
averaging six an hour a cold and bitter end
amputated in the sea sufering natures wrath
some were swallowed whole some were bit in half

the ocean turns red with blood covered waves
sometimes the sharks will leave sometimes they won’t go

[lead: mario]

over nine hundred men were throw into the horror
4 days with no lifeboat in shark infested water
by each dawn hundred gone number decreases
three hundred sixteen survived the rest were ripped to

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