rise and kill lyrics – dark order

procure belligerent, ways to live our life
for domination our primary goal
no mercy given to those who oppose
no toleration to inferior clones!
woe to the primitive fools
who dare challenge us
death is all you’ll gain
once we rise and kill!
crush our victim’s skulls
to a lifeless pulp
fear our war cry
rise and kill!

ferocious feelings
overcome us all
for killing homeboys
is what we love
tourturing their souls
for satan’s empire
it’s all logical
m*ss christian murder

we will take your souls
tear your corpse apart
all laid waste
as we rise and kill!
crush all our enemies
into a lifeless pulp
hear our war cry
rise and kill!

solo: joe

rise and kill
it’s time to rise
rise and kill
you must all rise
rise and kill
we will all rise
rise and kill!!!

lyrics used by kindly permission of raul ignacio alvarez.

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