rise up lyrics – sick of society

when the world’s got you down
and there is nowhere to turn
you can count on me
and we can both burn
we can rot in h*ll
how bad can it be? when it feels like h*ll
is all around me!

you know the feeling
you know how it is
we are in this together
trying to live
trying to strive for the life we want
but this h*ll of a world
is keeping us down

chorus 2x:
government controls all that we know
rise up (2x)
time to start taking control

what is there it loose?
what is there to gain?
how will you die? without taking a stand?
another statistic the american plan
i’ll put you through agony
and feel no regrets
ride or die motherf*cker
and that’s all that is left
that is all that’s left!


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