rising from beneath lyrics – fueled by fire

night fall break
dankness h*ts and the time has come
they will rise
the ascend from they’re h*llish graves
living death
spiritless beings will feast for blood
they arrived
evil creatures stalk they’re prey

scent of death
lingers threw the midnight sky
l*st for blood
unearthly legions hunt the land
march to kill
the scent of rotting flesh draws near
h*ll on earth
condemned to a night in h*ll

[lead: chris monroy]

blood has spilled
victims slaughtered as they meet the dead
scream in agony
torn apart and ripped to shreds
ragging torment
morbid corpses fest on flesh
viscous attack
the death squad maims there victims of blood

from beneath
they are rising!
from beneath

[1st lead: chris monroy]

[2nd lead: rick rangel]

unholy terror
h*ll unleash the plagues of death
endless torture
eternal existence of the living dead

from beneath
they are rising!
from beneath

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