river of dreams lyrics – glenn frey

on a dark december morning
when the sun refused to shine
i spent another sleepless night
got so much on my mind
think i finally know what’s wrong
i think i’ve gotta leave this place behind

so i said, “wake up, linda
i’ve had a dream
i dreamed we moved away from here
to a place i’ve never seen
where the nights were long and cold
and the air was fresh and clean”

and there we were standing
underneath the western sky
beside a home we built ourselves
way up in the mountains high
and we lived happy there, just you and i
on a river of dreams

there’s no need to worry now
’cause i’ve got a plan
we don’t need this modern world
i’m not a modern man
we’re gonna get ourselves off these city streets
we’re gonna get back on the land

there’s a whole lot of people out there
feel just like you and me
they’d love to pack their leavin’ trucks
say goodbye to all their misery
we say we pack up that camaro, honey
chase the sun until we’re free

and if i could i’d lift you up on angel wings
we’d fly away and never worry about a thing
we’d know the joy and riches a simple life can bring
on a river of dreams, on a river of dreams

you get your things together now
i’ll be getting mine
i’ve finally got the feeling, girl
the sun is gonna shine
you know people don’t run out of dreams
people just run out of time

let’s find that place out there
underneath the western sky
we’ll build a home ourselves
way up in the mountains high
we’ll live happy there till the day we die
on a river of dreams

and we’ll have stars to wish on every single night
we’ll build a fire and make love by candlelight
we’ll do our moon dance till we get it right
on a river of dreams, on a river of dreams

roll on river, roll on river dreams
i can see us standing by the river
holding hands beside the river

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