road rage lyrics – jimmy fallon

get in the car

road rage
my knuckles are white and my face is bright red
road rage
doin’ 65 on a suped-up moped

road rage
is that you that gave me the finger?
road rage
how come you won’t turn off your blinker?

you shouldn’t drive like that
i got a baseball bat
you’re gonna get it
you’re gonna get it

roll down
your window and see
there’s a psycho in your rear view mirror
it’s me

road rage
if honkin’ my h*rn don’t get your attention
road rage
i’ll stick my fist up your *ss like my name was jim hensen

my blood is boilin’
your car’s annoyin’
i’m gonna get ya
i’m gonna get ya

don’t flash
your high beams at me
you wouldn’t like it
when i’m angry you see

i got the road rage

what’s that
i step on my gas and p*ss your *ss
‘gonna check you out while you do your hair
you’re drivin’ around like you just don’t care

i got the road ra-a-age

so chill
get off my grill
you drive too fast
i’ll make you crash

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