rocket queen lyrics – guns n’ roses

if i say i don’t need anyone
i can say these things to you
i can turn on anyone
just like i’ve turned on you
i’ve got a tongue like a razor
a sweet switchblade knife
and i can do you favors
but then you’ll do whatever i like


here i am
and you’re a rocket queen
i might be a little young
but honey i ain’t naive
here i am
and you’re a rocket queen oh yeah
i might be too much
but honey you’re a bit obscene

i’ve seen everything imaginable
p*ss before these eyes
i’ve had everything that’s tangible
honey you’d be suprised
i’m a s*xual innuendo
in this burned out paradise
if you turn me on to anything
you better turn me on tonight


i see you standin’
standin’ on your own
it’s such a lonely place for you
for you to be
if you need a shoulder
or if you need a friend
i’ll be here standing
until the bitter end
no one needs the sorrow
no one needs the pain
i hate to see you
walking out there
out in the rain
so don’t chastise me
or think i, i mean you harm
of those that take you
leave you strung out
much too far

don’t ever leave me
say you’ll always be there
all i ever wanted
was for you
to know that i care

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