rodeo life lyrics – chris ledoux

i suppose, there’s a better way to make a livin’
to make money so i could live in luxury
but the life behind a desk in a building
would be like a prison sentence to me

my manners are not refined or even polished
and my speech it may be crude to most you see
i guess that i was just born a dreamer
but in my life i relish pride and being free

my clothes are high heeled boots and a big hat
and the buckle on my belt i wear with pride
you might even find a snuff can in the pocket of these old wore out faded
blue levi’s

well i’m a cowboy
on the rodeo circuit
and when it’s time to ride well i bear down and try
but when i play i go to some ol’ crowded bar room
and get drunk & wild along with the other guys

well i know it can’t go on like this forever
and i maybe a fool just runnin’ wild through life
but it’s my life and i’ll live it to the fullest
and i can look back and say that it was right

and some day when my rovin’ days are finally all over
well i can picture a little home down beside a stream
and with a son and his mother sittin’ by me and with love i’ll help him to
strive to reach his dream.
good cowgirls keep their calves together *grin*

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