room with a view lyrics – tear garden

the hunter lines his trophies up across his wall, beneath his bed.
a tiger’s head,
a snakeskin rug,
slugs in a jug,
the bugs make halos ’round the phone.
he’d call his friends to come around
they’d all get stoned
when he pulled old medusa moaning from a sack.
she poses then she cracks their mirror shades.
it’s just her way.
he lets her play a while then throws her back.
then they all go fishing in the reservoir…
i see, i see from my room.
i see from my room with a view.
my room’s nothing special.
all the furniture is old.
they smashed up all my windows, so it’s cold.
i told city hall to build a wall
to stop the outside coming inside but they’ve stalled.
i’m lord of this manor
but it’s 30 feet across and falling fast.
i sprawl in plaster, bricks and garbage.
through the ceiling i see blue – i see you!

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