roses are forever lyrics – erase the days

take me to my dream life. so far away from here.
i’ll no longer be haunted by you’re voice.
or the dreams of the past.
things that should have been.
things that never were.
you attack the walls of my heart.
kill me quick to save yourself.
i just want to die by your hand.
and drown into you’re eyes.
i want to get lost in you’re mind.
and kill myself to better understand you’re desire…
lets drink to my last goodbye.
lets drink to my suicide.
a chance to see through my eyes.
i see the past, i’ll leave you there.
so you can remeber the days when i lay and wept for you
and i simply didn’t want to live.
this should hurt more then it does.
the blood spills from my wrists for you.
goodbye. goodbye.
these scars will never heal. they remind me of a time when i felt so alone.
this is my last goodbye. do you even care? or is there any love out there?
tonight i just wish that somebody would understand…

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