rosie’s baby lyrics – cotton pickers

when i was a small boy,
life seemed to be right,
i used to dream all day and night –
and i loved the taste of spring.
everything was easy,
friends were by my side,
together we shared gloom and light –
till the train fo life rushed in.

rosie’s got a baby,
i wish the child was here,
we’re just two souls
in a great black hole
year after year.
for every little thing,
there is a special time,
a time to love and a time to hate,
i swear it’s not too late,
i swear it’s not too late.

sweetness under seal,
the dizzy way you feel,
when every little thing came real,
i thougt i’d found my way.
it seems i didn’t know,
you leave them when you go,
and although life is just a show –
it’s hard to break away.

rosie’s got a baby, …

rosie’s got a baby, …

i swear it’s not too late.

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