rotation lyrics – deus invictus

this unending cycle
swirl of uncertainty
will be the death of me and cease my spirit to rest
wall clouds of deceit descending down upon this shattered
remnants of what once was alive to bleed
infinite wisdom ceases to exist inside this realm of hate
have i become this numb to the one who loves?
a whirlwind spun of fear
sirens echoing claustrophobia
in the distance you hear how this was designed to
desecrate all that you’ve ever known
uncertainty becomes me as i wander aimlessly
i must break free
destroy these chains that bind me
create a storm to change my world
i know your grace still abounds
i know your well still flows
no matter how far i may stray
you are right there to lead me home
held by god’s own hand
revived from shame…..

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