rottenatomy lyrics – gorguts

i’ve been lost in a jungle
for an hour and fifteen days
hopelessly searching for exits
in this lethal maze

footsteps i have taken
each one driving me insane
always turning in circles
in this hostile jungle

having dropped my last piece of food
the most vital thing i never wished to loose
i slipped and found myself in a dark place like h*ll
at the bottom of a pit where i had fell

surrounded by a rancid smell
of corpses that previously fell
among bones shredded flesh and crawling maggots
then i knew that i shall stay there to rot

gashes appearing everywhere
scars i’m wishing in despair
before maggots devoured my insides
i’ll commit myself to suicide

[lead: luc lemay]

above me i heard people talking
having lost my voice, i was unable to scream
they had a look and saw me lying in my knees
then went away thinking i was deceased

below me no one is talking
if you have your voice, just once you’re screaming
have a fast look before falling on your knees
no hope is left when you are deceased

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