royal ocean lyrics – unarmed for victory

in the darkest of nights, we walked along ink-filled
from calm moonlit waters branches and hungering roots
came forth
how deep a p*ssion persisted in the midst of our
prolonged asphyxiation
had you dreamt of this? had you tasted this?
everything that once carried weight had lost it all
weightless. emptiness. those roots forced us down to a
there, a magnificent scene took shape,
ink etched downwards on your hopeful, restful, bloodied
why would you smile?
it was something i could not understand
why would you try to live in antique world filled with
fading hands?
around us the stars lost their place in the nighttime
marking landfall near our heads, signaling the end of
our time
this is over, it has been quite over for a while now
and yet it feels like the beginning of something…
i know not everything behind me is intimate,
i try and walk with eyes set on foreign ground
causing conflict, how strange these sounds
it’s hard to think clear when standing in murky air
that night i watched you fall apart, i watched you
your hands danced franticly as you came out of the coma
my breathing stilled as you came out of the coma
but then i woke up,
i woke up.

nothing lies between the hearts that do not exist.
(..goodbye dreamer, this is reality. you’ve killed this
in your dreaming..)

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