rumble lyrics – pack

f*ck talkin get to swingin, i leave sh*t stinging
you on the floor seein stars and now ya ears is ringin
you should watch ya mouth you dont know what i’m about
i’m all k.o.s f*ck unanimous votes,
floatin like a b*tterfly stingin like a bee,
my footwork leanin look somethin like ali
and on top of that ya boys stronger then hercules makin every n*gg* that want it fold at the knees
but betta yet my hits h*t harder then holyfield
have ya *ss sleepin like ya f*ckin drank nyquil
by the time we get through, and theres no round two, first round i had to size em up let his *ss know wssup, let him know i’m not a punk, let him know i keep it crunk, ya hits dont phase me n*gg* i can take a punch, keep it gutta, cuz i know you cant take one, weak n*gg*s fall and the real n*gg*s stay up.

yeah thats the sound when the pack is around, and you knocked out face down in the ground(x2)

uno dos tres cautro, how many rounds you think this? n*gg* go up, i dont think so cause my rap is like fluid, and my fist, hits harder then ray lewis, n*gg*s like you get dropped in the first round, a jab and two hooks and have you sit down, the first hit counts the most, and i dont miss? one, whose next on the list, n*gg*s run up, get done up f*cks a pistol play, put ya guns up,?? l and me we n*gg*s they call for street sleep. dont try to run we’ll trip you n*gg* we’ll getchu hitchu and dip you n*gg*, you, you’s a poodle n*gg* and me, i’m a brutal n*gg*.

yeah thats the sound when the pack is around and you knocked out face down in the ground(x2)

i’m a show starter, i break up night, young keith is my accomplice, and i made a promise, i aint gon stop doin punches h*t you in the dome one time, break a n*gg*s? wolf pack in this b*tch, you askin for sh*t i dont play wit n*gg*s, i’m swiffy cool but dont get it side swiped, b-town young hitta cold spitta, in the midst of heat i wont feel you been a mystery how i do it flawless with these victories, when you here, and were here dont mention me, you n*gg*s is fake like extended weaves, so n*gg* if you want it, you betta holla back, i gotta long d*ck b*tch swalla dat, and if you dont do big fights, dont do the match, and i’m p*ssed like b*tch you aint gotta match. ho.

yeah thats the sound when the pack is around and you knocked out face down in the ground.(x2)

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