run to you lyrics – isidro agot

sometimes you’re a romeo who knocks me off my feet
and sometimes you’re a stranger i’d never want to meet
you could be the sweetest man who’d take away my fears
but you could be so cruel and bring me into tears
and i don’t know why, i don’t know why
i love you the way that i do
and i run to you, i run to you
i can’t explain why i keep coming back
i run to you, i still run to you
’cause baby, you’re all that i’ve got
i run to you
you could be the best thing this woman’s ever had
and you could drive me crazy and you could drive me mad
you’re a knight in shining armour who’d be there when i call
sometimes you’re a joker who knocks me off the wall
i run to you?
i run to you 2x
run to you, hooh?
i run to you?

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