rush rush lyrics – deborah harry

he’s on the level
if he’s inclined
the son of a devil
he wants mine and more
he’s a high, high climber
not just a clinging vine
he made the grade, he made his marks, it’s secure
and guess who’s keeping score?
rush rush, got the yeyo?
buzz buzz, gimme yeyo
rush rush, got the yeyo?
yo yo, no no yeyo
he’s a real speed demon
he’s one of a kind
watching, waiting, winking over his shoulder
he’s running out of time
rush rush to the yeyo
buzz buzz, gimme yeyo
yo yo, no no yeyo, go go
rush rush to the yeyo
never never take a chance before
now he’s in a hurry
better, better make your mind up boy
he’s faster
rush rush, gimme yeyo
buzz buzz buzz, gimme yeyo
no no, gimme yeyo
yo yo, got my yeyo

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