sabahell’s blasphemer lyrics – mantak

h*llish naked dance f*cking ritual
chaos destruction devilish perversity
we possessed the s*d*stic p*ssion
bondage sodomize rape and f*ck!!

diminished fiercely killing
masturbating at the holy scripture
demonic ferocity demons
desecrating the false god’s temple!!

we’re baptize by the alcohol!
drugs and madness influence our life
we’re the antichrist troopers!
we’re destruction organizer!!

we are the sabah*ll’s s*xxxrigal*st
f*ck you b*st*rd if you don’t like us!
we’ll never stop this f*cking madness!
coz we are the sabah*ll’s blasphemer!

desecrate alcohol every nocturnal
sodomized molested the l*sty sl*t!!
we are the sabah*ll’s sl*t hunter!
raping!! devastate the h*rny b*tches!

sabah*ll’s blasphemer!!!!!

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