sacramental molestation lyrics – dead youth

lyrics: dave, john, rick 92 music: rick 92

holy man of the cloth
tortured by your evil thoughts
it’s your mission to instruct
(but) you are not allowed to f*ck

c*m, my children, follow me
join my secret ministry
the only rule is: do not tell
or you’ll f*ckin burn in h*ll!

unspoken truth of ecstasy
vile desire controlling me
watching them i masterbate

how i’d love to penetrate

a priest with a hard-on is a sickening thing
nocturnal emissions oozing blasphamy
lick the toilet seat on which the children sit
eat the pus that has popped out of the nun’s b*ttzit…

“i baptize you in my own c*m”
touchy-feely give me a hug
on your body my erection rubs…

my fingering in your crack
in my chambers i go jack…

have a doughnut my little one
a special frosting made of c*m…

sacramental molestation
has *ssured my d*mnation

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