safe european home lyrics – clash

well, i just got back an’ i wish i never
leave now
who dat martian arrival at the airport?
how many local dollars for a local anaesthetic?
the johnny on the corner was a very sympathetic
i went to the place where every white face is an
invitation to robbery
an’ sitting here in my safe european home
i don’t wanna go back there again
wasn’t i lucky n’ wouldn’t it be loverly?
send us all cards, an’ have a laying in on a sunday
i was there for two weeks, so how come i never tell
that natty dread drinks at the sheraton hotel?
now they got the sun, an’ they got the palm trees
they got the weed, an’ they got the taxis
whoa, the harder they come, n’ the home of ol’ bluebeat
yes i’d stay an’ be a tourist but i can’t take the gunplay

by damajishan on 06-20-2003 @ 04: 56: 15 am
wheeeeeeeeeeeere’d you go?
i love the drum hit in the beginning and from there it’s just pure f*cking rawk

by damajishan on 06-20-2003 @ 04: 59: 39 am
i think this song is about strummer/the clash’s visit to jamaica… well, from the lyrics it sounds like that ex: “natty dread”, “every white face is an invitation to robbery” meaning whites are robbed because they think they’re rich, “they got the weed” everyone knows they like to smoke the reefer over there, “rudy rudy rudy can’t fail” rudy means rude boys… rude boys are in jamaica
so i’m *ssuming strummer/the clash had a bad experience over there

by boozm on 01-19-2005 @ 05: 51: 20 am
-they had a bad experience and the song is to be taken at face value
– they are poking fun at brits tendency to be insular and ‘whine’ when they are on holiday in some sunny paradise
– they are demonstrating the frustrating divide between blacks and whites
or all of the above!

by joeytheboy on 03-21-2005 @ 11: 16: 45 pm
yeah it is about when strummer and jones went to jamaica expecting it to be all chillin out smokin weed in the sun and they found that everyone wanted to rob them and didnt want them there.
they were doing a radio show with mickey dread i think, or maybe that was later… anyway its definatly about their bad experiences in jamaica.

by xsiddersx on 09-05-2006 @ 07: 36: 38 pm
aww paul and topper weren’t too pleased that they didnt get to go =[

by philtheanarchist on 10-10-2006 @ 07: 31: 07 pm
this song is about the harsh reception that strummer and jones had on their song writing trip to jamacia, and they wrote this song also to talk about the painful reality that white people get to go on vaction in the poor global south while non-whites in the global south can only go north in search of work. ” why i never tell that natty dread drinks at the sheraton hotel” is talking about the segregation of tourist areas in jamacia-no locals allowed in unless they are working. (plus they could never afford to drink there anyway)


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