sahara lyrics – immer

hot of the h*ll, no shadows
the sand and stone, the pet*te dust
the dry out landscape a sand dunes
a silent and untiring killer
a marble mountain is bury of sand
sometimes oasis – little paradise
a chameleon is in a hurry to shadow
so as scorpion incorruptible cannibal

a flood of sweat flowing down over body
e few drops of water remaining in the pack
a camel kneeling down of tiredness
and a bleary eyes gape at heaven
a death arrivaling – a last spasms
a carc*ss of animal lies at desert
a sand makes a move, so when he flowing
and carrions running to food

a gigantic thirst torturing your body
you must go on over your legs
a death wave to greetings in h*lls oven
a fatal mistake – travel alone
a blue peoples fro the tuareg clan
they watching your hopeless fight from the hiding place
they will wait with pleasure of soon the end
you are only next source for them

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