sand greek lyrics – voice

it’s the night on the battle fields
the souls of the murdered warriors
go around
any cry for revenge

here i am, born to save my nation
come and fight with you, here is the location
see the blood red sky tonight
thousand warrioirs have died

the wolves roaming cross the battle ground
the souls of the dead they have found
wolf warriors running up the hill
searching for the enemy to kill

i call my nation!
can you hear me in the darkness?
be not afraid and fight!
to survive is your right!
i call my nation, call my nation…

great spirit please help me in this heavy hour
give me courage, give me power
love is lost in this cruel time
only murder and only crime

tomorrow, i’ll destroy their bl**dy fame
the arrows rightly find their aim
i drive away them from this land
white man you will devour sand

i call my nation…

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