sandwiches (extended) lyrics – beatnuts

get on down
yo, this is the little lunatic
you know what i’m sayin’?
straight outta buck show, f*ck that

it’s like this y’all, it’s like this y’all
i woke up to the wall and took a p*ss y’all
n*gg* pop the beat right up on the panel
when you see beyond your sh*t don’t f*ck with the channel
or the antenna, slap a funky moranna on the *ss
c*ck back my c*ck and blast

boom i juice, they love the one i produce for ’em
i floor ’em donkey styles, n*gg* be sleepin’ man
and they hoes go out if i catch the b*tch alone
(forget about)

punk, now what you gonna do sausage
when i take your b*tch home and f*ck her hard
with my ostrich size d*ck
b*tch gets hypnotized quick
then i flip her little *ss like a side kick

the name’s not bond, so come on and p*ss me the light
or the hydro chron, bust it
i make b*tches make me sandwiches
and scratch my *ss when it itches
very nice, did you hear the rhyme?

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