saturday night lyrics – fallen angels

lonely night and i´m still in bed
it´s cold outside and burning in my head
i wish i had someone to hold now
thoughts p*ss by and i can´t grab them
you´re in my mind and i can´t escape you
my heart cries for where you might be tonight
uncovering the bed
realizing you went away
walking around the room
not even a message…. just
thank you, goodbye
the pleasure was mine
if you need something just p*ss by
hey there, h*llo
did you have to go
i guess it was just sat*rday night
i think i love you if love is right
i know i need you to be by my side
but i feel like i´m stuck to this bed
your cheap perfume is still in the air
the sun is coming up but i don´t care
i think i´d sit right here till i die
your image in my head
an illusion that won´t fade
i play you over and over again
wondering what would be my end…. it´s just
repeat chorus
you´re breaking me down
and it´s not the first time
now i´m crying my heart out
does it mean anything to you… or just
repeat chorus

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