save me, kiss me lyrics – golgotha

sweet lady of my dreams
in the cool lonely nights
when the cool is darkness everywhere
i make you come back to my consciousness

beautiful lady of
the magnanimous forest
where i found you mysteriously
whit your pure hands you can lead me
through this unreal p*ssage i always dreamed
a golden p*ssage
a coral p*ssage
which takes me near to you
which makes me to own you
always close to me
singular creature
chilly gl*ss lady of the night
tell me in what a kind of snare
did you trap me cause i can’t escape?

save me, kiss me
save me, kiss me

just when i thought
there was no hope for me
but only forgotten dreams
only memories of my past
and an empty of
pleasures life

save me, kiss me
save me, kiss me

you did appear
in front of
my p*ssing
in a forest opening
for your glance
i can’t be afraid
of anything
and i’m not afraid
if you will dissapear
dissapear from my world

cause i know
you came to meet me
and now you don’t want
to go out (to go out)

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