say it again lyrics – death precious

i know i heard you right
i’ve been lyin’ awake at night
thinkin’ about the words you said to me
i know it’s hard for you
sometimes you gotta let the feelin’ through
i wanna know exactly how you feel, ooh yeah

i’ve tried to be patient
and give you a little more time
now i need
to be sure
what’s on your mind

say it again, say yeah
say the words i heard you whisper
say it again, say yeah
when last night we were together
lyin’ next to me
you said to me
say it, say it again

i knew right from the start
you were livin’ with a broken heart
but baby i knew it’d take some time to heal
but now i must confess
the way you’re fillin’ me with happiness
think that could be startin’ something real, woo yeah

repeat pre-chorus

repeat chorus

and i just need to be sure
that you’re mine forever
all i’m asking you for
is to tell me whether
if i should be trustin’ in you
tell me if the words you whispered were true
say it, say it, say it, say it

repeat chorus (x2)

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