scam lyrics – happy campers

help! there’s a girl in my bed
thought’s are runnin through my head
somethin’ must be said
i think she wants to spend the night
i don’t mind but her boyfriend might
somethin’ don’t feel right
i won’t sleep tonight i know
cause i have no self control
she don’t mind
why should i say no
how far will we go
will we take things slow
will she like me tomorrow
maybe its all wrong
but i’m feelin fine
cause i know tonight
you’ll be mine
live for the moment don’t think ahead
cause all that really matters tonight
is lying in my bed
everyone else has gone to sleep
i should be countin sheep
tryin hard not to make a peep
but her skin brushes against mine
sends a shiver down my spine
call in sick for work tonight
find it very hard to sleep
probably had to much to drink
i hope my breath don’t stink
our lips begin to touch
i want her so much

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