scarlet prophecy lyrics – frailty

from the voice of the beast
and of the broken beggar
thy ocean shatters, the waters spits storm
bleeding into the heart, pure blood
poisonous nectar gods feast upon
it bleeds into you

girl has been made for the l*st
womanly virtues are shed with the tears
oh, this torment in p*ssions war
playful wh*r*, sinful b*tch, your love
hold her, no one else but her

it bleeds into you…
for all times that are gone
close the black eyes of the eve
for the time you spent crying for me
close the starring eyes, and become a fool
for me, bleeding

loneliness, emptiness, sickness.
merciless b*st*rds, vicious dogs mauling
your flesh, holding your breath
lord, please hear the cry of your child
even if he is filth, even if she’s a wh*r*

and i will walk in the serenity’s meadows
slipping among the temples of christ
and i will watch how my ocean enrage
down on your earth, bleeding into your eyes

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