scars aligned lyrics – soulfallen

in a world where life now slumbers
to a lullaby without a sound
roads once leading to brighter futures
now all lead us further down

in a world that tears apart
even the strongest and the best
what hope can there be
…for the rest?

we were dreaming in the darkness
when we fell into the light
ethereal and corrupting
it burned anew our sight

now bound for absolution
something we will never find
our hearts the shape of shadows
burning with scars aligned

[“lay the burden finally downand let your fears cave-inlay your burden finally downand embrace the newfound sin”]

once dreaming in the darkness
we fell into the light
violent and unyielding
it tore away our sight

yet still we search for something
something we can never find
our dreams have long since withered
along with our scars aligned…

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