scattered dreams lyrics – hatebomb

life is empty without sense,
trapped in madness – a self-defense.
always living in suspense,
fill the soul and mind with raging malevolence.

drowned in weakness and emptiness,
turning into a state of regress.
all around is colourless,
slowly fading away into nothingness.

time to hear the screams
of thousand scattered dreams.
to find out what it means,
a life of broken dreams.
and it’s not what it seems,
no remission for the sins.
slowly the body leans,
no life left for dreams.

scattered dreams – pain is not what it seems.
scattered dreams – nothing is what it seems.

all is over, hope is gone.
just a ruin the life has become.
tortured mind, left alone,
all that will remain is a tombstone.

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