sea of the dead lyrics – inanna

i am trapped in the tide, drifted by the grief of time
our ship’s begun to sink, onward to her fatal fate

blinded and lost, the dead are stalking me
pierced form inside, no hope nor destiny

i look towards the sky, i look towards the sea
remember when we set sail, the tales of old are taking

our course was lost, a wall of fog embraced the souls
we hear the call of the waves, claiming for our demise

restless, anger of the sea!!
taken, my mind away from me!!

this presence of the unknown, began to grow in me
madness and savagery, is giving birth to this killing
taking us into a human-shaped kind of death
changing as we give our last breath
take us to those realms of depths

anger, open your jaws and take away
this flesh and blood, it’s at your feet
restless, raging streams, wrapping us

why did the crew condemned me?
this bloodshed makes no sense at all
punished by the wrath of the sea
death, why have you swallowed us,
falling into your womb
death… release us from this ripping torment
this dreadful life!!

the answer is there
inanna is taking me to the end
our encounter begins
on deck, standing
my vision, now in the end
i am alone

darkness… you’re finally here
sea of the dead

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