seal it with a kiss lyrics – big mike

i got a th*rn in my side and i wish someone would pull it
i’m thinking about giving this motherf*cker a bullet
but i ain’t going out like that
i got too much at stake
to let myself be brought down by these snakes
they fake
and everybody know it
h*ll, they be tryin’ they best not to show it
but it coming out like sweat from they pores
i sees ’em everywhere with these 5 dollar hoes
callin’ for a war but they don’t want no trouble
if i really had my way i’d spank that *ss on the double
these n*gg*s mumble, conversations with they partners
but, they best-a take vacations
before the catch hot ones
they whereabouts, i always know
and little do they know i got n*gg*s ready to blow up they homes
but i’m-a tell my n*gg*s to freeze that
ain’t no need to go to jail or h*ll behind these f*cking thieves, black
f*ck that (see these n*gg*s ain’t right, it’s about time we all get hype)
we’ll see ’em on the street when it’s meant to be when the time is right
but until then, stay cool only time’ll tell
when it’s time to make these motherf*ckers raise up and bail
set sail
get the f*ck up off the block n*gg*
or better yet, gimme what the f*ck you got
i want everything
from the dope to g’s, expensive clothes, elbows in vogues and lexus keys

we sendin’ letters to b*tches who were about to get-get it
sealed it with kisses and blew their brains when they read it
let it
be your first f*ckin’ lesson
zero tolerance for n*gg*s disrespecting leather connections…

now i hear they got several n*gg*s out to get me
puttin’ out hits g, but to me they talkin’ sh*t, see
cause they ain’t holdin’ a motherf*ckin’ thing
neither him, his hood or his motherf*cking gang
they let gunshots ring
every day and every night
but they ain’t hittin’ sh*t, cause they ain’t hittin’ mike
they try with all their might, but i watch ’em all fall, big or small
i’m-a fade ’em all, fool
call me crazy but i don’t give a d*mn
it’s obvious to me, that they don’t know who i am, cause see
them payback n*gg*s don’t go for no losses
i do some wicked *ss sh*t and watch n*gg*s fall in coffins, often
so don’t try and test the black, my knock
i bust back into the motherf*ckin’? new jack? i stack
every night and every day
and don’t give a d*mn to what these hoe-*ss n*gg*s say

(chorus 2nd version)
we’re sending letters to b*tches who were about to get-get it
sealed it with kisses and blew their brains when they read it
let it
be your first f*cking lesson
zero tolerance for disrespect leather connections
i’m exing
these motherf*ckers out like wrong answers
get a grip, i got a hold on your *ss like cancer
make ’em dance, i make n*gg*s do gymnastics
pull and try to cash this
set ’em down in caskets, yeah

it’s been a whole year and i still ain’t fall down
my sh*t still circulate through y’all town
it’s a small town but, compared to other cities
it really don’t matter cause the situation’s still sh*tty
or will they get the motherf*cking picture
and if i shoot and miss, then i’m-a have to get ya, hit ya
with something real, something harder to steal
something serious n*gg*, that i know you’ll feel, now
how many motherf*ckers gonna fall when i come around
how many motherf*ckers like y’all gonna hear the sound
i thunder on your motherf*cking back
like a whip when i flip
you’ll hear that b*tch crack your back
you b*tch *ss n*gg*s don’t want no static
i’ll leave you feenin’ like an addict when i work my magic
it’s like voodoo
coming from that swamp
i might do you
you’ll get your *ss stomped

(repeat 2nd chorus)

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