sedated and amputated lyrics – visceral disgorge

doped up unconscious wh*r* i stole off the street.
sever her limbs and devour the meat.
ill make sure this b*tch can’t escape.
chained to the wall then beaten and raped.
cut off the tongue and pull out the teeth, sew her
eyelids open depriving her of sleep.
i shall make this h*ll last for weeks.
prolonging your suffering.
you pray for god,
i shower you in p*ss.
before starvation i’ll feed you my sh*t.
immersed in feculence.
cower in my omnipotence.
repet*tively tortured and raped, having your sweet
*sshole gaped.
strict diet of sh*t, j*zz, vomit, and p*ss.
you’re one f*cked up mangled b*tch, but i love f*cking
your t*ts…
jizzing all over your face.
my very own quadrilateral amputee c*m dumpster.

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