self-respect is my anti-drug lyrics – mindset

the way i think, the things i do
you don’t even have a clue
how i feel, whats in my mind
is something you will never find
in a book or on tv
open up your eyes and see
that my life is not defined
by p*ssing trends that change with time.

i cant control, or turn off this feeling
that there’s something wrong to partic*p*te
in what you see as a conventional society.
not a phase that fades with youth,
a constant struggle to seek the truth
that i accept i may not find
but i know i have to try.

you condescend and patronize
but i can see right through your lies.
you claim respect and empathy
but your words lack sincerity.
and once again i’ve crossed the line
but i will not apologize.
if you respect my life so much
take a step without a crutch.

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