senca lyrics – darkseed

i lost more i ever gained
far away, far away…
thunder die, heartache cry
star-crossed light never meant far, far away…
whisper trance-enchants and fear!

light and f*gs, hope and fear
start to think and start to hear
my voice soft, wit and charm

off i rise, twilight-path
never saw such trembling harm
cut-tongued spheres to appear
falling down so fresh and free

flat my voice, wake or sleep
i have met within my dreams
never feel a calm so deep

how can grief break the wall
to my long, long promised way?
but my sake i will break,
break in pieces never seen

senca, nevermore…

beauty, pleasure, youth
which one will i choose
to uphold my wounds?
beauty, pleasure, youth
two of them to lose
to avoid my tomb

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