send the pigs lyrics – sabertooth zombie

daddy was a robber
daddy was a thief
daddy owned the docks
daddy owned police
he said trust n*body but god
or you’ll live your last breaths stuffed in a box
but i trust you baby like a horse on the range
and i got this little plan arranged:
i know where the guy from mcdonald’s
deposits the cash
and we can get 20 grand
if we grab it fast
send the pigs, send the feds
i got 36 slugs for their snitching heads
the policeman can pray to god
but his family better pray to the son
son of the robber
son of the thief
champ me like a vise
and never release
my nightmares, my nightmares are a vise
inward, inward like a vice
wreck me, baby like a beast
friday this plaza will be swarming with police
son of the robber
son of the thief
the son of meek

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