september girl lyrics – jupiter sunrise

oh, september girl, i am so scared today
already 28 and still haven’t saved the world
woke up this morning to nothing i recognized
everything changed and i never saw it coming
now there are 5 billion disappointed souls scr*pping around in my
disappointed mind

and for the first time in my life i am afraid of changing because
everything’s changing without me

oh september girl i am so scared for you
you finally decided to live on without me
now i am forced to just swallow this heart for you to become
the girl you already are
now there are five billion disappointed souls that’ll just
have to wait…
’cause i only dream for you

maybe it’s time for me to do
the thing that i meant to do
’cause your getting older and i’m getting older and even us
good people die
the gifted never stop seeing the world for the first time
the good ones grow older, the poor ones grow older, the great
ones are never forgotten.

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