seraphyde lyrics – diablerie

fall o’poor wire dancer of life
fall for entertainment.
our ego is mesmerized by a malicious smile
applause for the dying,
survival is a disappointment…

i am the filth in angelform
pregnant to the incompetent ideal of a citizen.
ovums ruined by the seeds of the serpent
stomach replaced by mother’s womb.
born for constant blasphemy

i am waiting for you in the purifying fire (aesch mezareph)
when baalzephon looks at me through a mirror
fail in my arms i won’t catch you but i’ll lie down next to you
to observe the reflections.
like a parasite i am exquisite to eliminate souls.
your interior – wretched by my cunning coctails
irrelevant nihilist.
depravity is my only goal
so enter in my envenomed paradise,
(just one taste of me and) you shall fail

i am purified
so hate me.

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