serenity lyrics – franks enemy

no mother ever loved her child like mine
and what i realize now makes for a difficult time
we try our best with good intents but it’s trial and error
now we’re left digging into ourselves for our terrors

i was not the most picked on kid
but i sure hate a lot of people for a lot of things they did
sometimes i think i’m still controlling the damage
that could drive me into realms of thought so savage

i must decide on my serenity

some i love have now died
i won’t regain those moments replace the times i didn’t try
to be to them what i feel i should have been
sometimes dreams just turn out to be dreams

and some things that were done to me
i know i turned around and i did to someone else
who might now be hating or forgiving me
i have a lord to follow i begin by forgiving myself

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